Our corporate commitment with the futurefernando-cruz-foto

The Atlanlusi is committed with a sustainable way of business, accosting our ethical and social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. This will help us to convert our values into actions in order to identify where we are and where we want to go to triumph.
The basis to triumph will be persistence, consistency, organization and courage in way to form the following values:

We want to listen and feel diverse viewpoints of creative thinking. It is essential to expand our understanding of the problems, so we can get to the feeling and needs of the citizen.

We want to provide knowledge, technology, innovation and products, to improve the environment, processes and life conditions of people in the world and in places where there is development and on those where it does not exist.

Atlanlusi respects creeds, cultures and ethical concerns of people around the world. The safety of our employees, partners, communities where we operate, customers, consumers and the environment are the purposes of our priority.

Promote attitude as owners to achieve results. We want to create clarity of direction, roles and responsibilities, build strong relationships with our customers and external partners, take assertive decisions and assume responsibility for achieving agreed results.

Create a large interaction space ensuring multidisciplinarity of people and thoughts, to promote innovation, creativity and teamwork, inclusive learning practice and reward and recognize all stakeholders, whatever the role.

Fernando Cruz
Chief Executive Officer
USSA Corporate Governance