l geogrelha 250

Three-dimensional semirigid modules for the construction of permeable and ecological pavements.

Geogrelha is an innovative solution that provides permanent economical pavement solutions in traffic areas where the aesthetics and permeability of grass or aggregate are desired.

The system meets a wide range of load support requirements and environmental needs with 4 models adjusted to different types of usage:

The Geogrelha Permeable Pavement system application is extremely practical and simple. Constructive steps should be assessed in order to meet the project requirements. We provide all the technical support necessary for the success of the intervention.


  • Emergency and Utility Access Lanes;
  • Access roads and Parking Áreas;
  • Trails, Walkways and bike paths;
  • Golf Cart Pathways;
  • Caravan parks;
  • Equestrian surfaces;
  • Storage and loading areas;
  • Agricultural paths;
  • Helipads;
  • Greenroofs.

And many more applications