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Isodelta is a concentrated, microencapsulated insecticide, intended for the control of crawling insects and with a formulation developed for indoor treatment of adult forms of cockroaches – German Cockroach (Blatella germânica), Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis).

Isodelta combines a highly competent active substance, Deltamethrin, with an innovative formulation in aqueous suspension of microcapsules, allowing the protection and gradual release of the active substance into the environment by diffusion.

Isodelta is ideal for controlling cockroaches and other crawling insects indoors, providing a long residual effect, even on very aggressive surfaces.

Isodelta is applied by localized spraying and can be used in sensitive places where the use of low toxicity insecticides is required (hospitals, food industry, schools, etc.)

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Deltamethrin…………………….2.48% (p/p)2,48% (p/p)
Hydrocarbons, C9, Aromatics.……..14,2%


0,5L (Packages 6un)

Autorização de Venda: Portugal: PT/DGS mrs122/2020


Isodelta Formulation for control of adult cockroaches:

     150             2

German Cockroach   Oriental Cockroach

Deltamethrin can also be used to control a broad spectrum of crawling insects.

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 Bed bugs         Ticks            Fleas         Weevils            Ants

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