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Ready to use insecticide, formulated based on natural pyrethrins, with Piperonyl Butoxide, for application in cold fogging and thermal fogging.

Fast-acting knock down insecticide, effective against flying and creeping insects.

Reduced residual effect, the treated space can be used 3-4 hours after application without risk of contamination. It is therefore a very safe insecticide, suitable for application in sensitive areas such as restaurants, hotels, houses, shops, etc.

Especially suitable for:

  • Evacuation and elimination of cockroaches in food handling spaces.
  • Elimination of cereal moths (mills and storage places).
  • Elimination of flies and mosquitoes indoors.
  • Bed bug elimination.


Pireforce 10L 2019peq


Piperonyl Botoxide........4,0%


1L (6un/box)



Portugal: A.V. n.º PT/DGS 1612S

Mozambique: DSV-1520



  • Cold fogging
  • Thermal fogging

Security term:

  • 3-4 hours


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    Weevils      Cockroaches      Moths        Mosquitoes        Flies             Wasps

Application rates:

Application type

Application rates

Cold Fogging/Thermal fogging (Flying insects) Dilute 1L in 0,5L oil based solvent. Make 1L of solution in 3000m3
Cold Fogging/Thermal fogging (Crawling insects) No dilution (1L for 3000m3)
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