isotek stop cinza   Isotekstop snakes GR



Natural granulated snake repellent, ready to use, formulated based on natural oils.

Environmentally safe product, with a prolonged effect, which releases an odor, removing snakes for several weeks.

Must be applied in areas surrounding houses, gardens, garages, walls, fences, sidewalks, paths, among other places where reptiles appear frequently.

It is used in spraying, in places where reptiles pass, creating a repellent barrier to them. It should be applied every three weeks, unless the product is washed by rainwater.

Non-toxic for reptiles, humans and domestic animals.

    IsotekSTOP serpentes 4kgPeq 



Product formulated based on natural oils






Safety term:

Not applicable.




Recomended Dosage:

Normal Infestation: 4kg for 1.200 linear metres (40g for 12m).

Severe Infestation: 4kg for 600 linear metres (40g for 6m).


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