rakan   Professional Rodencicides noun 15130 cc

Last genaration rodenticide range, available in the active substances bromadiolone, difenacoum and brodifacoum, in fresh bait, block and pellet varieties, for effective professional rodent control.

Rakan rodenticides have the following characteristics: 

  • Composed of balanced mixtures of highly attractive rodent food components;
  • High palatability;
  • High toxicity, one ingestion sufficient to cause rodent death;
  • They act by inhibiting vitamin K1, causing changes in the mechanism of blood clotting and consequent death of rodents,
  • All rodenticides contain Denatonium Benzoate, a bitter safety additive that prevents ingestion by children and pets.


Fresh Bait Rodenticidas (Paste)

Line of professional rodenticides in fresh bait, formulated from flours, sugars, animal and vegetable fats, with flavors and preservatives, very attractive to rodents. They have excellent attractiveness, which is associated with the high fat content, allowing a highly palatable bait. Ideal for indoors application or where there is high availability of dry food in competition with bait. 

 Broma  Dif  Brod
Bromadiolone Difenacoum Brodifacoum



Block Rodenticides

Line of professional rodenticides formulated from a mixture of food components, including highly attractive whole grains and vegetables. Paraffin blocks provide high resistance to moisture, even direct contact with water. They are indicated for application in humid places or where the food availability of rodents is food with high humidity.

 Rakan BF Dif Rakan BF Brodi  
Difenacoum Brodifaccoum  




Pellet Rodenticides

A range of professional pellet rodenticides formulated from a blend of high palatability, compressed and extruded food components. Highly moisture resistant granules packed in paper sachets.